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“Graphy” because it is exactly the same problems as those well known in geography, but by shifting from geo to gaia we wish to underline that what is in question is first of all a set of processes, possesses some sort of agency, and is recalcitrant to usual forms of “scopic regimes”. – Bruno Latour



  • How Science is Telling Us All to Revolt, Naomi Klein reporting on complex systems engineer Brad Werner’s talk, “Is Earth F**ked?” at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco in 2012. Werner’s “research shows that our entire economic paradigm is a threat to ecological stability. And indeed that challenging this economic paradigm – through mass-movement counter-pressure – is humanity’s best shot at avoiding catastrophe. “

Related Research

  • We Are All Lichens, Scott Gilbert — “Symbiosis is the signature of life. Each organism functions, develops, and evolves as a consortium of several different species…Recognizing the “holobiont”—the eukaryote plus its colonies of persistent symbionts–as a critically important unit of anatomy, development, physiology,immunology, and evolution, opens up new investigative avenues and conceptually challenges the ways in which the biological sub-disciplines have heretofore characterized living entities.”
  • Soil Microbes clear and informative video about Soil Microbes and their importance to us.
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