Jennifer Riley

Machine Series(sm)No4, 2017, oil/canvas, 21x 22

Jennifer Riley (born and raised in Sharon CT, 1965) is based in New York and Indiana.  Her color rich abstract paintings have garnered attention across the US since  she began exhibiting her work in 1992. In her own words about the new work Riley. Writes:   “In making images that  engage with specific historical figures artist such as Gorky, Turner or Frankenthaler that combine multiple approaches and styles, I see the challenge of expanding the boundaries and  invigorate the relevance of abstract painting. As the eye seeks to find  form, a sense of location, a hint of content, it will eventually discover the ordering principle that structures everything on my canvas.  What happens if this is contradicted by evidently free and open improvisation? What dance might be engendered between the two?”

Jennifer Riley Machine Series #5      68 x 72″           oil on canvas   2017
Casimir Effect 1022 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021