About Casimir Effect

Casimir Effect is an artist-run collaborative project that aims to connect artists to thinkers from other disciplines to explore our current unique moment in human and geological history.  Defined by indeterminacy and the precariousness of life without the promise of stability in the age of ecological and economic crises, Casimir Effect is a call for solidarity to re-imagine the world through what we make together, to create new ways to represent the world at a time when our old representations are no longer sustainable.

As Casimir Effect looks for a new home, we will engage and create virtually through Casimireffect.org and social media.

The original Casimir Effect Space was at 2011 Lexington and was made possible by ChashaMa Space for Artists Program. It inherited its name form the restaurant that it was before, Casimir, with an added twist. Casimir Effect is a quantum field theory experiment that proves that space is not an empty vacuum, but rather full of energy and potentiality.

Casimir Effect 1022 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021