10 X Relay — Cat’s Cradle

Curated by Jackie Meier and Lisa Taliano

Exhibition: September 6 – 28, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, September 6th from 5-9pm
Location: UT, Knoxville Downtown Gallery
Artist gallery talks will take place at 6:30 and 8pm the night of the opening.

The passing back and forth of ideas in painting is like the relay and return of the knotted patterns in the game of cat’s cradle. Each painting is a string configuration that we hold out to be received by another, or that we receive and respond to by adding something new, by proposing another knot, another net. Entangled in a myriad of configurations, we start from a place that doesn’t wipe out what comes before – we make paintings of inheritances and remembering.

10 X Relay includes artists: Kylie HeidenheimerPinkney HerbertErick JohnsonJackie MeierLaura NewmanPierre ObandoJennifer RileyRussell RobertsLisa Taliano, and Chuck Webster.  It is a celebration and recognition of these artists’ indebtedness to each other as friends and painters. Companions in conflict and collaboration, the artists in this show are tied together by the threads of thinking and making, bound together in the knotted net of painting.

The Cat’s Cradle, String Figures, metaphor is borrowed from radical interdisciplinary scholar, Donna Haraway.  String Fingers is more than just a metaphor for Haraway – it is a theoretical methodology for “cultivating the art of living and dying on a damaged planet”.  Through her teachings she encourages us to embrace the entangled mess that we are in, build coalitions across disciplines, pass back and forth the knotted patterns we’ve inherited, understand the past and be accountable for the future.

Laura Newman
           House of Sticks           62 x 50″           oil and acrylic on canvas         2019

Pierre Obando
           City of Glass    54 x42″            oil on canvas   2018

Erick Johnson Pendulum Moment    72 x 60″           oil on canvas   2019

Jennifer Riley
Machine Series #5      68 x 72″           oil on canvas   2017

Jackie Meier    Black and White Chex 60 x 60″           oil on canvas   2018

Pinkney Herbert   
       pnietzsche       60 x 48″           oil, acrylic, mixed media on wood panel,       2018

Kylie Heidenheimer    POOL   68 x 53″           oil on canvas   2017

Russell Roberts
          Paper Bed Concrete Head #14           56 x 54″           oil on canvas   2015

Lisa Taliano
    Making Kin      60 x60″            oil on canvas   2018

Chuck Webster           Doge    60 x 48″           oil on panel     2016
Casimir Effect 1022 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021